Lucky Dog Treats

Lucky Dog Treats

When Cathy was training our dogs for therapy work and agility, she needed something that fit in her pocket and was not full of chemicals, grains, and preservatives since the dogs were not allowed these in their diet. She started making her own treats with a dehydrator and brought this skill with her to the farm. The signature treat line, Lucky Dog Liver Treats, is made with livers from locally sourced animals.

Lucky Dog Liver Treats

Lucky Dog Liver Treats are an artisan product. If you want your pampered pets to eat locally and support sustainable agriculture, then these are the perfect treats for you! The liver filters toxins from the body, so it is important to feed high quality to your pets. The animals who provided these livers were all pasture raised and led a high quality life with good care.

The livers are frozen, sliced, and then dehydrated until crispy. In that state they can be carried in your pocket or pouch or kept in a treat jar until you need them to treat or bait your dog. It takes approximately one half pound of liver to make a 2 ounces bag of treats. Each batch is made by hand and no two packages will be exactly the same in appearance. 

The treats are 100% liver and free from chemicals, preservatives, fillers, antibiotics, and hormones. “Flavors” include, as available, pork, beef, emu, Asian water buffalo, lamb, venison, and wild boar.

Lucky Dog Heart Treats

When heart is available, it is used to make a dehydrated treat similar to the liver treats. Heart will not be as easy to break apart as the liver and may leave a greasy stain in pants if put into pockets. But it does make a nutritious snack for your pup!

Lucky Dog Jerky Treats

When local meat or wild game is available, it is sliced and dried into strips to make an unseasoned "jerky" for your special pet. Our barn cat, Barney, gives these two paws up!

Lucky Dog Crunchy Treats

Other crunchy treats your dogs will love to sit down with and enjoy include dehydrated chicken feet, dehydrated rabbit feet (with fur), and dehydrated rabbit ears. Always supervise your pet when giving treats to prevent choking.

How to order: We ship treats to all 48 continental states. Our web store is under construction. In the meantime, go to the Contact Us page to inquire about availability. We sell heart, liver, and jerky treats by Priority Mail in 8 ounce boxes for $21 plus $6 shipping. You can mix and match 2 or 4 ounce packages of various treats for that price. I will invoice you by PayPal.  Thank you for supporting Broad River Pastures!