Gulf Coast Native Sheep

Please note: We sold our sheep flock in November, 2016 due to the extreme drought that affected our area. We still have wool products available to sell from our flock. These include handspun yarn, roving, dryer balls, and soap socks. These can be shipped or purchased on the farm. No raw fleeces are available. We also have contact information for the shepherdesses now raising our genetic lines.

Gulf Coast Sheep, also called Gulf Coast Native, Native Sheep, Pineywoods Sheep, Louisiana Native, Florida Native, and Scrub Sheep, have their origin in early Spanish and French explorers who broad them over. For the last 500 year they have adapted to environmental pressures including hot, wet climates the are generally not well suited for wool sheep. The ones who did survive thrived with low inputs and developed resistance to hoof rot and parasite infections. Numbers plummeted after modern worming medications allowed "improved" breeds to enter the market place. Now they are a critical conservation breed worth saving, as more and more flocks of other breeds are requiring expensive veterinary treatment for hoof rot and whole flocks are developing resistance to worm medications.

Gulf Coast fiber dyes easily, has staple lengths of 2.5-4 inches, has fiber diameters of 26-32 microns, and is a single-coated fleece with open, wavy or crimpy fibers. It is a soft, next-to-your skin wool that is easy to spin by hand.  We sell Gulf Coast Native raw wool fleeces, Gulf Coast Native wool roving, Gulf Coast Native wool yarn, and professionally tanned lamb pelts and sheep pelts. We also sell high quality Dryer Balls in sets of three made with Gulf Coast Native wool. Your purchases support our heritage breeding programs and help the flock to pay for their upkeep. Please contact us for more information.