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Our working dogs and cats are crucial to what we do on the farm. Our registered English Shepherd, Cody, assists us by alerting us to visitors, controlling vermin, rounding up sheep and poultry, and alerting us to anything unusual on the farm such as snakes, birds of prey, or snapping turtles. These old fashioned farm collies are also great guard dogs and, in spite of Cody's gentleness with lambs and children, he would defend us with his life if needed.  We have decided not to breed English Shepherds to give more time to our heritage livestock breeding program, and Cody is not available for stud. Cody partners with Belle, our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog. She is on the pasture 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to alert for coyotes, hawks, wild boar, and more. In addition, she is gentle and trustworthy with livestock, guests, and poultry. Our barn cats, Miss Kitty and Althea, help the dogs control populations of mice, rats, voles, and wild rabbits on the farm. Althea is especially precious to us because she was born on the farm after we brought home her pregnant mother. All of the working animals are beautiful to look at, gentle, and entertaining, as well.